Our Play & Cafe does not require reservations or an appointment, we operate like any coffee house you may have been to before BUT we have an adorable Tiny Town Play Area available to occupy and entertain your little ones while you enjoy your coffee, snacks and conversation.

Tiny Town Play Pass Pricing

  • $10 Per child ages 1-10 yrs. old
  • Infants are FREE to play in the designated "Infant Area"
  • Adults are required to supervise their children at all times and are also FREE to play with their children in our Tiny Town. 
  • EVERYONE is required to remove shoes, wear non-slip socks, and have a completed liability waiver signed for participants before entering the play area.
  • Non-Slip Socks can be purchased on-site in our cafe for $2.50 for you to keep and bring back for future play OR you can bring your own, But, They MUST BE NON SLIP SOCKS ("grippy" on the bottoms)
  • While we don't have a "time limit" on how long you can play, most guests stay from 30-90 min. If it is super busy and new guests are waiting for a table to sit and eat/drink, and you have been at the cafe longer then 90 min, then you may be asked to move to a seat that does not occupy a table to give others a chance to sit and eat/drink.


Entry Policies & Procedures

· Our Waiver must be signed by each guardian for each child before they can enter the play area, This waiver must be signed at each visit.

· Hand sanitizing or hand washing is required upon entry for all guests.

· If you are experiencing sickness, or symptoms thereof in the last 24 hours please do not enter. 

· Outside food & drink is NOT ALLOWED with the exception of: sippy cups for toddlers or infant formula/snacks

· Open play is NOT for birthday parties/celebrations. If you would like to celebrate a birthday with treats/gifts please book our facility for a weekend event. Patrons not reserving the appropriate party rental will incur a rental fee.

· Diaper changes must occur in restrooms ONLY. There are baby changing tables in each restroom


Rules of Play

· Our facility is strictly PARENT/GUARDIAN SUPERVISED. There will be no childcare or employee supervision.

· The gated infant area is strictly for children 2 & under.

· To keep all children safe, there is no running or tumbling in the play area

· Food is NOT allowed in play area. Please wash hands after snacks before entering play area

· Lidded drinks are OK for adults in play area. Please keep them in hand or on an appropriate surface to avoid spills

· Please encourage your child to use toys in the correct manner. Throwing, misuse or abuse of toys will NOT be tolerated.

· Our play area is a NON-SLIP SOCKS ONLY AREA for both children & adults

· Please place toys that have entered your child’s mouth in the provided “Yuck Buckets” and we will sanitize before re-setting

· Please keep conversations and language respectful & family friendly

· When possible, please teach responsibility and pick up/replace toys with your child’s help

Those unwilling to abide by these facility rules, all posted signage and any instruction from employees will be asked to leave without a refund.